Mostplay Antifraud Policy

Mostplay, as a betting platform, adheres to strict anti-fraud and anti-money laundering rules. We encourage players not to violate them or engage in illegal activities. If such violations are detected, the abuser may be subject to both administrative and criminal penalties in accordance with the laws of the country in which he/she resides.

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How to Prevent Fraud at Mostplay?

Mostplay has several rules and principles to reduce fraud:

  • Every financial transaction made by all Mostplay users is automatically checked by the security systems. If suspicions arise, it is submitted to a manual review by specialists;
  • Users are only allowed to have one account per person, device, and IP address. Repeated registration is a gross violation of Mostplay rules and leads to the blocking of all accounts;
  • Withdrawals and deposits to Mostplay are only allowed using details belonging to the owner of the account. You will not be able to transfer money to someone else’s e-wallet or bank card;
  • Support may at any time ask the player to verify and confirm his identity. To do this, you will need to provide photos or scans of your passport or driver’s licence;
  • Each payment system has individual limits for minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal amounts. It is impossible to go beyond these limits during transaction.

If the security and support service suspects that one of the players is engaged in fraudulent activity, the account of such a user may be temporarily blocked or limited in functionality. After that, a check will be conducted. If the fraud is confirmed, information about the case will be transferred to law enforcement authorities.

Prevent fraud at Mostplay by using helpful tips.

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